Is there something you just cant seem to make a decision about?  Do you need a little guidance?  Using the Tarot cards can be helpful in guiding you in the right direction.

How does it work:    The querent (you) shuffles the cards with a specific question in their mind.  When they feel they have shuffled the cards enough they pass them back to the tarot reader (me).   I then lay a tarot card spread – this  is the method used for the card reader to physically lay the cards on the table.  There a many different types of tarot spreads and many different tarot card decks. The most popular spread is the Celtic Cross, depending on how long you want the reading for will depend on the kind of tarot spread and tarot card deck used for your reading.

Crystal Healing/Electro-Crystal Therapy

Feeling a bit run down or do you have a health issue?  Crystal healing is a form of healing which has been practiced for many centuries,  Electro-Crystal Therapy healing is for the more techno person both have amazing healing abilities.

Crystal healing is a holistic method of healing.  The healer will choose the crystals she feels are needed and place them either around the persons body or directly on the persons body.  She will then energise the crystals to give off healing energy.

Electro-Crystal Therapy is a holistic  method of diagnosing and healing.  Crystals are stimulated to pulse at high frequency electromagnetic waves combining modern technology with ancient knowledge of the natural therapeutic properties of crystals.  This works by oscillation of the crystals to vibrate electromagnetically.   The pulses range from calming (1 Hertz) to very stimulating (45,000 Hertz).  These crystals are in a saline solution either in a glass test-tube or silicone flexible tube.  

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient healing tradition and very different to crystal healing and most other forms of healing.  If you want a change in your life and are prepared to go the distance Shamanic healing can be and often is life changing.  If you have suffered a traumatic event in your life or just feel like there is something missing, then a Shaman can help.  Trauma can affect a person in so many ways sometimes its so subtle that you are not even aware there is a problem.  I offer a safe environment for you to experience this change.  Shamanic healing can connect you to a past lives that need healing so that you can move on in this lifetime.  Whatever is needed Shamanic healing can help.

Timeline Therapy

Our memories, our decisions and our experiences good or bad are collected here over time and determine how we relate to the world.  Your timeline is where you can repair past experiences or traumas. Do you have a phobia you are too embarrassed to talk about, Timeline Therapy can help.  You are taken back along your timeline to where the problem began, using certain techniques this can be addressed and healing can take place.